Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bravo Visits Family at the Famous Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

Bravo holds "Court".

Bravo is always center stage!

Loving the Red Carpet!

Uncle Alex and Bravo

I haven't seen you since you drove me to the Newark Internation Airport when I was 8 weeks old to go to my new home in California.  I still have the sock you gave me when I was yelping in my carry-on crate.  Thanks for bring the matching sock to me today!   We're good pals!

Loving the pretty ladies!

Kathy is my favorite and great perfume!

Getting a little weary now.

and also the center of attention.

Time for lunch, please.

Let's eat!

No Dogs allowed, You're kidding me!

The Wonderful and Famous Garden Court, Palace Hotel. 

Having Lunch outdoors is for the dogs!

Ok, so it's not so bad!